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We manage your healthcare so you can live your life.

What is a Health Manager?

We are your Health Manager,

 the missing link for many families attempting to navigate the system on their own.



What is a Health Manager?  What do we do?  Who might need one?


Read on.

Why Do You Need Us?

Let's make a plan.

Medical professionals should have a medical plan for their patients, whether you are healthy, sick, or in crisis.

What is a Health Manager? 

America has the best medical professionals and most advanced healthcare technology in the world, but this abundance of choices is also a burden on patients and their families who often have little experience navigating and managing it all. 


As your Health Manager, we manage all the complexity so you can get the most out of what the healthcare system has to offer. 


We are trained medical professionals focused on:

Overseeing and building your medical plan

Supporting and coordinating between all your providers

Keeping your medical plan on track

Medical Plan Management

As your Health Manager we build, organize, and implement your medical plan.

We review your medical records, speak with your providers, and most importantly get to know YOU. This allows us to learn your needs, create medical plans, and then creatively work to execute these plans in the context of your lifestyle. Nothing falls through the cracks with a proper medical plan and an experienced professional leading the way.


Now let’s execute.

When it comes to your health there’s only one timeline that matters - YOURS.

A Health Manager never stops working behind the scenes to drive urgency, facilitate information flow, and overcome obstacles.

We are nurse practitioners who have worked at some of the best hospitals in the world and our clinical experience makes navigating the system second nature to us. Whether it’s an urgent specialist evaluation, the convenience of having a provider come to the home, or a problem you don’t know how to solve, we know who to call, what to say, and how to get things done.


Ensuring you’re heard.

Even the most well-intentioned providers are constrained, creating conflicts that make it difficult for you to get the attention you need.

Best case, you’re given proper medical treatment even if the service experience is lacking. Worst case, you’re mis-diagnosed because someone didn’t take the time to listen, review, or follow up.


A Health Manager answers to you and you alone, ensuring your voice is heard and no detail is overlooked.

For some clients we will attend their appointments and for others we can remain behind the scenes -- in every scenario we remain closely connected with patient and provider to ensure everything gets addressed. Our goal is to get and keep everyone on the same page to ensure the best possible outcome for you.

Current Plan

Keeping your plan up-to-date.

The medical world is constantly changing, with new procedures, devices, medications, and specialists that can all help in different ways.

A Health Manager performs exhaustive research, provides summaries, and makes recommendations to help you make the best decisions.

We become experts on YOU. Whether it’s about your history, the new medication you were just prescribed, or the treatment options that a specialist put in front of you, we help you take control of your health with the information you need.

Are You Ready?

Our clients value their time, feel responsible for their loved ones, and want to experience our healthcare system as we all wish it could be.


They can be young children in crisis, adults with chronic or new diagnoses, or the children of aging parents. They can also be busy, healthy, professionals who simply want things streamlined or individuals who want to improve their overall health. 


If this sounds like you, we're probably a good fit.

Who Hires a Health Manager?

“Meeting Jennifer was a game changer for my family. My father was heading downhill fast and would likely not have made it another few months. But Jennifer and her team took control of the situation, were able to right the ship, and my father is now living life better than before.  She manages everything for Dad and gives the rest of the family the peace of mind we need.”


- Diane, the daughter of an 80-year-old man in Brookline, MA. 

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